Half full or half empty?

Mon Michel ran at Newbury on Friday, coming second. He looked like the winner two out but decided he wasn’t going to put it in – he doesn’t seem to be the most genuine at the moment. It’s nice to have a half result, but he’s better than that. He scoped clean after the race.

It’s looking highly unlikely now that I will have a runner for Cheltenham. Mon Michel is still in the Triumph, but isn’t looking good enough and in any case is unlikely to get in. Prince Ary will probably wait for better ground. King’s Head is close to a run, but again needs it a lot firmer. There’s a good chance that one or more of these will run at Aintree.

There was a bomb scare at Betfair today. Someone rang in and said a bomb would go off at an unspecified Betfair office, so we evacuated both of our offices in the UK. No bomb materialised, which I guess was no great surprise.

I grew up in Wimbledon and my family have historic ties with the football club. My great uncle was the chairman back in the sixties – he would have turned in his grave when they moved to Milton Keynes a few years back. AFC Wimbledon emerged to fill the vacant spot, and they have done Wimbledon proud with their efforts in the Rymans League.

AFC routinely have attendance figures close to 3,000, about ten times the average for their league. A week ago they were top of the league, but slipped to third today after a draw at home. This may change though – they face an 18 point deduction for fielding an unregistered player which is currently in appeal. It was nothing more than a minor oversight – the full story is summed up here;

This is not what sport is about. I hope the FA see sense and turn this around.