A force to be reckoned with

No good today with Lilac.  I thought she looked a little burly beforehand – she led for most of the race but went out like a light.  Richard said she tried to change her legs five or six times during the race.  It was probably down to lack of fitness – we’ll know more tomorrow.

Lilac had really filled out up front, which is normal for a horse going from 3 to 4.  I’m always surprised at their progression, but that’s just my inexperience at observing horses growing up.  I still have a lot to learn in that sphere.

After racing I stuck around to watch Max One Two Three in a racecourse gallop – it was more about getting her used to being on the course than anything else.  She’s a tricky customer.  Tom was there along with Gary Witheford (www.garywitheford.co.uk), Richard Kingscote, Ross Atkinson and a stable lad.  Richard was riding Max and Ross was riding Noverre to Go.

Max is well named – she’s fully sixteen hands and very bulky now.  She’s a lamb when she’s at home in her stable, but she’s as fierce as they come on the racecourse and was a handful even after racing with no-one around.  In the ring beforehand she was ok at first, but when Richard mounted her she started hotting up.  She’s wall-eyed, which means there’s a lot of white showing – it makes her look even scarier than she actually is.

Things went a bit pear shaped.  Max swung round and head butted the lad, who fell to the ground – she reared up in front of me with Richard hanging on in the saddle like a rodeo rider.  It was frightening being confronted by this oversized fierce and uncontrollable creature – she reminded me of my mother.  Richard hopped off and Gary did his stuff – she calmed down enough for Richard to get back on and get to the racecourse.

Eventually they got working, and she did it well.  If she gets to race again and shows her best she’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

Baldovina had a nice update at the weekend when her sister won a group 2 in Japan.  Her page is shaping up nicely.