Best in the world

Authorized was truly awesome, and won exactly as Pete told me he would some time ago.  I’d backed him at the start of the season – I thought about having an enormous bet when the price drifted close to the off, but decided not to burden him further with my money.

The papers focussed on Frankie.  It’s interesting that he broke his hoodoo after all these years, but the reality is that he was no more than a bit part player here.  The real story, and the hero of this particular piece is the trainer, who with a small and relatively inexpensive (compared to some) string of horses is becoming increasingly dominant. 

I don’t know about the horse or the jockey, but I absolutely believe that Peter Chapple-Hyam is currently the best trainer of a racehorse anywhere in the world.  I’m privileged to have horses in his care.