I’m out and about today but I can now update my blog with my Blackberry, so no excuses any more.

Some of our friends are just back from holiday, and we spoke to two of them yesterday. One mother said that whenever they went to the beach they would play ‘run like Edgar’ (Eddie is Edgar) – you run down the beach as fast as you can roaring loudly and flailing your arms. The other mother said that throughout the holiday the children would periodically shout ‘I’m done with this family’ and march out of the room – one of Eddie’s lines when he’s in a bad mood. Eddie’s an oddball but he seems to have quite a footprint.

All the children had haircuts yesterday, and it turned out to be traumatic. Dora (7), who had long flowing red hair decided in the car to have it all cut off and have a bob. Halfway through the cut she decided she didn’t like it, but it was too late. She arrived home screaming and clutching large clumps of her hair that she’d picked up from the floor – it was like a scene from a bad movie. She wailed for the rest of the day, but today she’s fine as she’s realised she can wear it with a hairband. I’ve taken to calling her ‘Bob’.

I had a winner on Thursday – Where’s the Soap won at Deauville in the colours of the Betfair Timeform Racing club. She did it nicely, and collected E20k for winning – not bad for a little fillies maiden. Where’s the Soap is French bred, which means she gets the automatic bonus for winning – French horses running in France get more prize money than English horses running in France. C’est la vie.

My other two runners failed to score. Teia Tephi came a fairly close last – she ran very green. She’ll come on for it, but she hard to get fit as she has an iffy leg. Bea Menace was beaten favourite on Thursday night – I thought the ride was uninspired. Bodkin Van Horn is ok after his knock – he should be out next week, along with Looby Loo and Morana.