Boredom relief

I had a terrible day betting yesterday, and for no good reason.  I was alone in the house, bored and with too much money in my account – a recipe for disaster.  If I only ever bet when I had a strong conviction then I’d do very well, but I’m succumbing to “boredom relief” type betting too often at the moment – all of this said I’m well up for the last year.  I won’t bet today – I won’t even look now that Hexham has been called off.  It’s my punishment for the lack of discipline yesterday.

We’ve had fun and games in the house this morning.  Eddie is a bit of an enigma – he goes swimming twice a week, and when he gets dressed afterwards he unnerringly puts his shoes on the wrong feet.  It isn’t like it’s 50-50 – he gets it wrong 100% of the time, and we have a laugh with his swimming teacher about it.  He got dressed on his own today and came downstairs with a proud grin on his face – he had both his shirt and trousers on back to front.  It was particularly extraordinary because his shirt had buttons on, but nothing surprises me with Eddie – it put a smile on my face.

Jane’s reaction to these things is generally to sigh and say “oh he’s soooo like his father”.  I could protest but she has hard evidence to back it up so I don’t go there – I go through long periods when I’m totally preoccupied and I don’t function at all well.  One typical story concerns our Sunday papers.  For two weeks running she had sent me out with instructions to buy the Sunday Times, and both times I had mistakenly come back with the Sunday Telegraph.  On the third week she stopped me at the front door and pinned me to the wall – “read my lips – the Sunday Times, the Sunday Times…”.  I was a bit shocked.  I wandered down to the paper shop – only a three minute walk away – but still came back with the Telegraph.

Ollie, who is younger than Eddie, is good fun at the moment.  He loves to dress up and he has his favourite superhero costumes, but this week he invented his own superhero called “naked guy”.  We had a friend pop round in the week and we were having a civilised coffee in the living room when naked guy burst through the door, ran into the middle of the room and struck a Superman pose.  He shouted out “naked guy” and then he was off.  Great stuff.