Chocolate rules

This dark chocolate diet is amazing – I expected results but I didn’t expect them to come so quickly.  Yesterday, with my newly supercharged brain, I had what probably ranks as my best betting day ever.  My first three bets won at 50-1, 12-1 and 12-1, and I came back at the end of the day for one more large and reckless punt and that came off as well.

To be fair I was following the advice of a friend on a couple of the bets.   I’d like to follow up today with another but I’m short of inspiration.  I’ve spent a long time going through the 3:10 at Doncaster – I quite like Regal Approach and Armenian Boy is an interesting alternative.

As I write I’m wired up to a heart monitor.  My heart became very irregular after a heavy workout on Monday and it hasn’t settled down.  My blood pressure fell very low and for a few days I was exhausted just going up the stairs – it’s probably not a big problem but it’s scary.  It’s put my thoughts in a whole different perspective, which perhaps is not a bad thing.