Cold Turkey

With Cheltenham now over I now have to honour my promise to my wife and give up smoking. I’ve been smoking solidly for 25 years so this may not be easy – still there’s nothing like a good challenge. Fortunately there are two others in Betfair who are giving up – Josh Apiafi and Martin Cruddace. Josh and Martin will be excellent soulmates in my quest, and they are such reliable guys that I know they will see it through – this is a good thing as since giving up I have become incredibly short tempered and I wouldn’t be able to forgive them if they went back to smoking again.

My terrible run of punting has continued – I didn’t lose much on Thunderbolt Jaxon as the price was too short, but I’ve had a couple of largeish losing bets since. I can see myself becoming reckless without the fags to slow me down – either that or I’m going to get fat again.

With the weather clearing up I ought to get a few more runners out. I have a whole host of entries for the next couple of weeks, and there should be some action at some point. Prince Ary, Master of the Race and Mon Michel should all be out soon, and all should be better on the better ground. King’s Head will debut soon, and he really needs it Good to Firm – he has an entry on Sunday. I have 1/3 of a new horse with Nick Gifford – a French bred recruit from the Irish point to point circuit called Ours – and he may debut for us soon. The 2yos are warming up and some will be out early.

I’ve been reading about Jim Devine, the Scottish MP who is claiming in Parliament that Betfair is a disreputable business. Devine, who succeeded Robin Cook, appears inexpert and has made statements that I am extremely uncomfortable with. His predecessor was fully expert and was a man I had come to know and respect. I would comment further but it is a company matter and not really appropriate for my blog.