Day 3

Amazing scenes yesterday as Jealous Again destroyed a class field in the Queen Mary.  The clues were all there and I feel a mug for not having backed her – I was concentrating on the British runners and I never gave her a second thought.  It poses questions for the rest of the week – will Wesley win the remaining three 2yo races in the same fashion as Jealous Again won yesterday?  It seems perfectly possible.

Today Yogaroo goes for the Norfolk, and although it’s anybody’s guess I’m expecting more of the same.  Monsieur Chevalier will be no pushover and he’ll make a race of it but for now I can’t get away from the American horses.  I’ll go with Brief Encounter in the Britannia and Brunston in the George V.

I’ve made a decision today.   I’m changing my daily paper – I’ve been taking the Telegraph for years, but I’m switching to the Times.  I’m just so fed up with this neverending MP witch hunt – the whole thing is sick.  My grandfather was an MP for over 20 years – in that time he never drew a penny in salary or expenses as it wasn’t his way.  He was a hardliner, but there’s no way he would have approved of a generation of MPs being bullied and pilloried like this.  No good will come of it.