Days of reckoning

I got my timings wrong on my last blog – I only have one runner today and the big day is tomorrow. The one today is a good one though – Morana goes in the Craven.

It’s a big ask to win a race like this and I’m not putting him up for a bet, but he’s likely to go well. We hadn’t planned to run him this early in the season, but he was so well in himself and he’s been showing a lot more speed than we thought he had. We’re giving it a go, and if he wins we go for the Guineas.

Mullionmileanhour is a horse I like physically and he’ll be my bet of the day. I will of course also back Morana.

Tomorrow is the day of reckoning, and any of mine could go well. I’m struggling to pick one to back without seeing the tissues, and unfortunately I’m going to be on a plane tonight and early tomorrow and I won’t have the chance to update.

Blast Furnace goes nicely but would ideally want a little cut – may be worth following if she is a decent price as we don’t really know how good she is.

Western Eyes may need the run.

Foghorn goes nicely at home and we like him. He is beatable though and this is often a hot race – I wouldn’t want to take too short a price.

Blue Jack is an exciting runner but we don’t know a lot about him and he may need it – I’d be inclined to wait for another day.