Effing disaster

A very disappointing run from Effingham, who never got into the race and finished down the field at Ponty.  The ground, which was good to firm in the morning, was changed to firm with G/F patches immediately after the race.  Michael Hills reported that the horse wasn’t enjoying the ground at all.

I guess it wasn’t a surprise given he is by Celtic Swing, who appreciated a bit of cut.  He’s a very heavy topped colt and he’s already suffered from sore shins this season – I hope he hasn’t done himself any harm.

It was a pretty long day – I left home at 7 a.m. and got back at 11 p.m.  It was my first time at Pontefract – I thought the course had a lot of charm and for a Wednesday afternoon it was very well attended.  The course is undulating and also turns fairly sharply, with a stiff uphill finish.  It’s a tough track for a young horse, particularly with the ground as firm as it was today.  I think Effingham was the wrong type of horse for the track.

It turned out to be quite an expensive day, as I failed to find a winner.  I had a decent bet on Welcome Approach, a horse who really relishes firm ground, but he lost in a photo.

Lilac Moon seems to be fine and has recovered from the slight lameness she had on arrival.  Nicky thinks she was just a bit jarred up from running on the very hard ground at Carlisle – she’ll spend some time with the osteo this week.  Her legs seem ok.  We’ve already had two approaches to buy her – I’m not looking to sell but it’s nice to get them anyway.

Nicky reports Shepherd’s Warning to be progressing well and getting close to a run.  Tom is making good progress with Etoile Argentee, who has stayed sound despite his concerns about the annular ligament.  He has minor concerns and is swimming her rather than galloping her at the moment – she is getting close to a run.