Further guidance

Another poor day on Saturday.  Marine Boy ran no sort of race – Tom’s on his stag weekend so I haven’t had the chance to talk to him.  Major Eazy ran a pretty decent race in 5th.  In the evening Pansy Potter ran poorly, but Bea Menace ran a great race finishing second to the hot favourite.

My bets fared poorly as well and it felt like I’d had some bad luck – Rakeen traded large amounts at 1.01 and Mr Macattack missed the break before finishing like a train.  It hasn’t been happening for me on any fronts recently.  I’d be thoroughly depressed were it not for my one successful call – Susan Boyle to get turned over in BGT.

Unfortunately the comparisons are continuing, now compounded by accusations of insider trading.  As I have already explained, I am not Susan Boyle and she is not me.  Anyone requiring further guidance should inspect the images below;  









 .                  Boyley                                                Bertie

Two runners at Leicester, both fillies running over 7f, and both with fair chances.  Max One Two Three found 6f on firm ground too quick for her recently, but 7f might be the ticket.  Tikka Masala ran poorly last time but she wasn’t right afterwards – we never got to the bottom of it but she seems to be ok now, and the form of her first run this season was decent.  My current run of form is not great but it has to change some time – fingers crossed.