George & Ned Diary Day 3

chantelle-fraser-002.jpgWe spent the day preparing questions that we were going to put forward to some of the more senior members of Betfair.

It was challenging as we had to do a bit of research on their background and had to think of suitable questions; we were kindly helped with some of the questions that we were going to ask. We spent a considerable amount of time at market Operations in the Horseracing department.

It was extremely interesting as they have to be very precise when suspending markets there is no time to day dream. We also jumped across to watch the tennis which was pretty hectic as Wimbledon was in action which is obviously the highlight of the tennis calendar. George had to leave early today for he had commitments to the school band.

Bert and I interviewed David Yu which was very kind of him to lend us a few precious minutes. He has a very interesting background and was great to speak to. The day was great fun and another unique experience.