Good Luck

A long week. On Friday I went into hospital for an operation on my toe – it’s been crooked for my whole life but this year it’s irritated me more than ever, particularly when I climbed Kilimanjaro.

I now have a pin sticking out of my toe with a blue bead on the end of it – it will be there for six weeks. None of the family can look at it without gagging – we’re a sensitive lot around these parts. I’m less than a week in and I’m going bananas already.

The farm was noisy place yesterday with several extra children and parents joining in to the usual mix. Feeling a bit cramped I hobbled off to our outside loo and sat myself down. A family of swallows had built a nest in the rafters – one of them popped out of the nest,flew over the far side of the room and circled around, dropping a little poo on my head as he went. It was so clinical that I wondered if it was deliberate.

Jane had a positive take on the incident – “it’s very good luck you know!”. Eddie was more thoughtful – “He was probably trying to poo in the toilet Dad, but you got in the way.”

Well let’s hope Jane proves to be right – I could do with a bit of luck. Present Danger runs today at Carlisle and she’ll love the soft ground. It will be disappointing if she doesn’t win. Electric Qatar goes in the sales race tomorrow with big prize money down to tenth. I’m not sure what to expect, particularly given he is drawn 1, but he is well and has had a decent break.

I’ll probably be backing Irish Heartbeat at York today. I wanted to buy him at the HIT a couple of years ago – I had him vetted. The vet reported that he had an ‘inoperable cyst’ on one of his legs and advised strongly against the purchase – I nearly went for it anyway but decided it was folly to act against such advice. It was my opinion that he was a sprinter in the making, probably most effective with cut. Richard Fahey drops him back to the minimum trip for the first time today.