Group 1 glory

No winners since my last posting, although Nemo Spirit put in a better performance yesterday on his preferred softer ground. I have a couple of real longshots going for Group 1 glory in the next few days – Foghorn Leghorn goes in the Middle Park and Blue Jack goes in the Abbaye.

Foghorn loves soft ground and he is the only front runner in the Middle Park. It looks like there is a class gap between him and most others in the race, but he loves cut in the ground and he’ll probably be allowed to run the race that best suits him. We’ll try to run the best tactical race that returns us some money.

In reality I don’t think anything will get close to Dream Ahead in the Middle Park – he will love the ground and I suspect he will win as he likes.

Blue Jack may also like the ground and others may not. I don’t think we will really know how he will go on it, but his feet are like snow shoes – very shallow and they splay out. This causes him problems on firmish ground – he typically finishes lame – but he shouldn’t have the same problems on soft ground. You never know if you don’t try.