I’m very busy at the moment, with some days being wall to wall meetings.  It’s nice to have spare time to think, but recently I’ve come to realise that I’m much happier in myself when I’m really busy. 

On Saturday I went down to Yeovil to watch Swindon.  We won 1-0 thanks to an own goal – unspectacular but they all count and we’re unbeaten in the league since day 1 (although we still have a negative goal difference).  The side has a nice mix of youth and experience – we have some talented youngsters and they are sure to improve, so we can and should get better.

On Tuesday I signed in to WeightWatchers with Jane.  I’ve tried losing weight a few times in recent years but with no success – I did manage to throw off a couple of stone for a while a few years back, but it all came back with interest when I gave up smoking.  Maybe this will be the time.

On Wednesday I had my BUPA healthcheck – I have one every three years.  I got there late and did all the usual blood tests with the nurse.  I met up with the doctor later – small and Jewish in a skullcap.  He ran through the results, which were surprisingly good.  My lungs had improved dramatically from the 2006 check – not surprising as I gave up smoking in early 2007, but it seemed there were no lasting effects from 25 years of abuse. 

“According to the test” he said, “You have the lungs of a 32 year old man”.  Not bad given that I am 46.

“Wow – maybe I’ll start smoking again” I joked – this drew a stern “no” from the good doctor.  He told me that I was fat and that my cholesterol was on the high side, but my blood pressure was at the low end – it used to be very low so no surprises there. 

When I got home I was surprised to see horses in one of my fields next to to house.  There were nine of them – they’d escaped from a neighbouring yard.  I went inside and told Jane and the girls the good news – they rushed out to see.  The girls were typically overexcited – “Omigod – this is the best day of my life!”

I’ve got runners today and tomorrow.  Maxwell Hawke goes in the last at Donny, and is an outsider.  I’ve been recommending him as a bet for a while now and he keeps letting me down – he’s one of those annoying horses who has clear talent but keeps on failing on the track.  I suspect the time I stop backing will be the time he wins – maybe that’s a good reason to stop backing him, but I’ll be sticking with it with my fingers crossed.

Morana, my 2yo runner at Sandown tomorrow is a more exciting prospect, but he may be good rather than great.  I’ve had high hopes for him all season and I know Pete liked him a lot – he is entered for the Pacing Post Trophy alongside Co-ordinated Cut, who runs at Donny today.  Last week Pete ran the two against each other and I was hopeful – he had been comfortably working over others in the yard including my other colt, Bodkin Van Horn, who in turn keeps pace with others with racecourse experience.  The news was not good – I’ve heard different accounts but they all agree that Morana was soundly put in his place by an animal who was barely off the bridle.

This might not be as bad as it seems as Co-ordinated Cut could be a very special racehorse.  I’ll be watching his race today and hoping. 

I may back Eyes Like a Hawk at Kempton tonight – she was once expected to be a serious animal and was backed in to 5/4 on her debut last year before getting well beaten.  It doesn’t look as if she will deliver to her expected level, but she’s getting the hang of things and is only on a mark of 59.