A winner!  Tikka Masala hit home on Tuesday to give my colours their first win of the flat season.  She’s not one of the leading lights of the string at the moment, but she might be progressive if she learns to excercise a little restraint.

If there’s a horse out there with the wrong name then it has to be One Cool Cat – his progeny seem to be as fiery as any out there, Tikka Masala being no exception.  She broke fast and rushed to the front – Richard managed to reel her in but she came through again with two furlongs to run.  Again Richard pulled her back – her third run was well timed and she got there with no time to spare, winning by a neck.  If ever she learns to do as she’s told then there’s plenty of room for progression, possibly over longer distances.  We’ll try a mile next with her.

Bea Menace ran again yesterday, and she looked good.  She broke well but she got herself mugged after 50 yards and was hustled back to last place.  Looking as if she had no chance at all, she came with a late rattle finishing a close fifth.  It was very encouraging – I like the look of her physically, she looks as if she’s progressing and I think she’ll win races.

Not much in the way of upcoming entries – Bea Menace may come out again quickly on Monday but that depends on how she is.  It’s the Oaks today – Tom Goff bumped into Henry Cecil at the petrol station yesterday and he thought that Henry was particularly sweet on Midday’s chances.  At the Derby Dinner on Wednesday I bought the Rip Van Winkle ticket in the auction – I collect a prize if he comes first, second, third or second last – so I’ll be cheering him on.