Not the easiest

A quiet day yesterday – my two boys went to see “The Snowman” up in town with Jane’s mother.  Eddie who is four and talks non stop and has opinions on everything had his grandmother laughing all day.  He explained his strategy to her for getting us to put the TV on;  “I ask mum, and if she says no I ask Dad – he always says yes”.  Hmm.  The boys woke me this morning with some mundane question – Jane was downstairs making breakfast.  I said yes as apparently I always do.  As they wandered downstairs I heard Eddie say “we must ask Mum now as she’s the importantest for everything”.  Well at least I know my place.

I saw more action on the Wii today – I’m getting pretty hot if I say so myself.  When you start you have to create a little cartoon character of yourself, called a Mii.  Three of the children created sweet smiling Miis for themselves, as I guess you would expect.  Eddie on the other hand created a rather grotesque character – wild hair, scowling eyes, mouth wide open.  It is unmistakeably him though.  The various Miis appear randomly in the Mario Kart game – every time I see Eddie’s scowling face it makes me laugh.  Little things as they say.

I see Kevin Pieterson quit as England captain today – I can’t say I’m surprised.  One of the privileges of working at Betfair was an association with the England team, particularly in 2005 when we were one of the sponsors of the Ashes series.  I’ve met most of the 2005 team at one time or another and you couldn’t find a nicer, friendlier bunch – with the exception of Pieterson, who, in 2005 was not the easiest company (although in fairness I only met him once).  From my limited viewpoint today was an accident that had been waiting to happen.

King’s Head runs tomorrow in a claimer.  He must have a good chance, but he’s not been the easiest ride lately and at 5/4 he doesn’t look great value.  I don’t think I’ll be backing him.