One two three wheee

Christmas approaches and it’s increasingly time spent with the children.

We went for a walk this morning – there was a scary moment. Jane and I were holding Ollie’s hand, and we were playing the ‘one two three – wheee’ game where we swing him up in the air. Unfortunately the second time we did it we let him go – he flew through the air and landed face down in a muddy puddle about ten feet in front of us. Fortunately he was alright and no-one from the social services was watching.

We had lunch later, although Dora (my 7yo daughter) had to leave early for a nativity play rehearsal at her Sunday school. The women in my family are often fierce customers and Dora lives up to her ancestors in this respect – she found out last week that she was playing a cow, and she stomped around with a red face for the rest of the day. We’ve had moo jokes for the whole week – would you like some mooosic, let’s get moooving etc. She was smiling when I picked her up today – ‘I don’t have to moo Dad…’.

We’re putting up the decorations now, and I’ve sloped off for a quick blog. I’ve just heard the all time favourite family decoration making his appearance – the farting Santa. He has a remote control that sets him off, but the remote lock for the car works just as well. There are some jokes that just run and run…