Plenty to build on

A nice run yesterday from Peintre D’Argent, who looked like the winner a furlong out but failed to get home – she traded 1.53 in the win market and 1.01 in the place market.  When she emptied she emptied quickly and finished fifth, but there was plenty to build on there.

David Probert took the ride.  I didn’t go, but if I had I would have said to him “I’m Bert the Pro-claimer” and he would no doubt have responded “I’m Probert the claimer”.  How we would have laughed.  Probert thought she handled the ground ok and probably got the trip as well but failed on fitness.   She was a little sore this morning but no serious problem and she should be out again soon – she may strip fitter for the run.

One runner tonight – Quaker Parrot goes in the Hilary Needler at Beverley.  My gut feel is that this is a bridge too far for her, but I’ll have my fingers crossed.