Robinson Crusoe

The days become weeks, the weeks become months. I sit here, stranded on my desert island with only the 4 kids, wife, mother-in-law and staff of the Half Moon for company…

Well I’d rather be at home but it’s not so bad. We’ve decided to make this an ‘improvement week’ and we’ve given everyone in the family ‘improvement targets’ to hit by the time we go home. This didn’t go down well in all quarters – when I gave Eddie his target he flew into a temper and told me I was fired as his dad. Oh well.

A nice run from Malpas Missile, and she looks like a winner in waiting. It’s a good sign for the Manor House 2 year olds, who have been slower than we would have hoped to get going – maybe they are worth following now.

We’ve studied Blue Jack’s run further and we are more positive than ever – we’ll map out an ambitious campaign for him now.

Marine Boy runs tomorrow, and it looks like a nice opportunity. He really is full of beans in his new stable – he’s been leaping around his box like a spring foal and when I last went to see him he shot across the stable at lightening speed and tried to bite my hand. He’s a big and fearsome character – I’m hoping he wins this and goes on to have a great season.