Secret squirrels

I normally disclose everything about my horses on here, but occasionally I have to keep mum for the sake of my co-owners.  Today was one of those days – two days ago a new syndicate completed the purchase of a horse called Parisian Gift.  I have 1/8, as does Mick.  He was strongly fancied – the syndicate had a good old fashioned gamble on him, sending him off the 7-2 favourite.  It’s another winner for Tom Dascombe, who has had a great year.

A great turnaround from the last few weeks where I haven’t had much luck.  On Saturday I was planning a major bet on Osana, but I was put off by a friend who told me that there was huge confidence behind Afsoun – I had a saver on Osana but no more.  Very annoying – I think I feel worse when I miss a good bet than I do when I back a loser.

On monday I went to Plumpton where Betfair had an awayday to celebrate the launch of our SP.  I arrived in time for lunch and sat down next to a lady I hadn’t met before – we chatted about racing and she seemed to know a lot about the subject.  A little later John McCririck came in, and I realised I had been chatting to the famous “booby”.  The horse racing team had sponsored all of the day’s races, and had given them silly names – I had to present the prize to the winner of the last, the “Bert – it was all my idea handicap”.  I called Nick Gifford beforehand and asked him about his horse, Royal Wedding – Nick said he couldn’t be working any better.  He won easily despite knocking down five or six hurdles – I think Nick may be coming into a bit of form.

I’m hoping Mon Michel will run on Saturday, but I don’t think it’s likely.  We need 12 to come out.