Sports Day 2

A long day in the sun yesterday and I missed all the racing.

It was prize giving at school and sports day for the older ones.  Eddie didn’t win his class prize and he moaned loudly for the rest of the ceremony – his cries got louder as each prize was announced.  He was entertaining in his race – I whipped him up into a frenzy beforehand and he shouted throughout the race.  This slowed him right down and he came last.  He had one other race – and obstacle race where he had to put on various items of clothing as he went along.  I didn’t give him a chance as it takes him 20 minutes minimum to get dressed in the morning, but amazingly he won.  He ran up to the crowd gesticulating and screaming all sorts – “yeeeees – I came first – I’m a dude” etc.

We went to a “US style” fancy dress party in the evening.  Jane was going as Minnie Mouse and I was going as a cowboy – I took Robbie for a quick walk, and when I got back Jane was in the cowboy outfit.  I went in the Minnie costume, which wasn’t the greatest idea – it was much too small and cut into me in all sorts of places.  There was another Minnie Mouse at the party, which at least gave me the opportunity to say “it’s so embarrassing when someone comes in the same dress as you” a few times.

The horses continue to run poorly – a few more embarrassments over the last few days.  Some of my bigger purchases are lining up now and should be out over the next month or so – I’ll do a write up later.

I love Wimbledon and I’ve spent a lot of time down there over the fortnight.  Jane and I went to the semi finals, and obviously we supported Andy Murray.  There was a lot more support in the stadium for Roddick than I’d have expected.  If Murray had have won I don’t know who I’d have supported in the final as I have massive respect for Federer and I’m not as patriotic as some.

I think Fed should win easily today – 3-0 looks a fair bet.  Best bet of the day may be Fed to hit the most aces – the stats are revealing here;

In 20 meetings Federer has won the ace count 14 times, Roddick 3 and the tie 3. Roddick’s three wins came in 2002, 2005 and last year in Miami when Federer was still struggling healthwise.

Federer has won the ace count all three times they have played in 2009 (agg 38-23, though one was close); all three times they have played at wimbledon (agg 39-22) and every time they have contested a final.  Federer said early in his career that he had worked Roddick’s serve out and knew where he was going to hit it after the ball toss – he may not always make a big return but he generally moves the right way.  Murray is also thought to be able to read the Roddick serve – in the semi-final he hit 25 aces to Roddick’s 21