I’m finally back in my farmhouse after 8 months out, and it feels great. Having had a bit of space to live in I found it difficult living in a smaller space – also this is home now and it’s where I intend to stay. We stil. Have a load of boxes to unpack but we can take our time.

I’ve recently come off beta blockers after a long spell on them (18 months) and the effect on my fitness is amazing. I’m preparing to climb Kilimanjaro and it’s a tough challenge – I’m running most days to get fit. Before I came off the beta blockers, the best I could manage on my daily run was 31 minutes – on Wednesday I ran it in 25, which is a massive difference. I was exhilirated afterwards and ran a couple of extra miles. I went home drenched in sweat to find that the removal men had packed all my clothes and loaded them on to the van, along with my soap, deodorant etc. I ended up buying a load of new gear in the high street, which was probably not such a bad thing.

Two runners at York today – Wolf Slayer and Peinte D’Argent – and both with good chances.

Wolfie is unlucky to still be a maiden – she’s built like a barrel and she has a good cruising speed. She looked poor last time but I’m inclined to ignore that and look at her previous effort. I’ll be disappointed if she doesn’t place and we may get better.

Peintre has won three this year and is still improving. I think she has two more wins in her this year – todays is tough as Mistoffelees has to be respected but Harry is a great pilot and knows her well. I’m hoping.