Why Dad why?

When I was young I remember a comic strip called “why dad why” with a young boy who was always asking his dad silly questions.  Eddie is at that age now, and I understand where the strip was coming from – I have to deal with questions like “who would win if a tiger fought a gorilla?”.  It’s a very fair question, and as a betting man I obviously took a stand – most people would back the tiger but my money would be on the gorilla every time.  He set me a real tester last night – “who would win between a transformer and Peter Pan?”.  Sometimes discretion is the better part of valour.

The football season is on us, and Swindon are proving a tough read.  I was devastated on Saturday when the lost 5-0 away at Gillingham, but yesterday they won 4-1 away at MK Dons.  Work that one out.

Not a lot to report from Manor House stables other than everything is going fine.  I have a runner today – Teia Tephi goes at Yarmouth.  She needs a bit of cut and I didn’t give her much of a chance, but I understand there’s been a fair bit of rain at Yarmouth today – if the ground has softened she should have a squeak.  I have quite a lot of runners coming up – I’ll list them later.  One bit of bad news – Bodkin Van Horn, who I like a lot, injured himself today and will probably be out for a little while – hopefully nothing too serious but we await the vet’s report.