A new one for the string

I added another horse to my string today – Max One Two Three, who won so well at York last time.  I’ve been eyeing her up for a while I was intending to try and buy her before the York race but I didn’t get around to it – I had a decent bet on her but the price went up by more than the amount I won.

Still she’s a listed winner, and when her racing career is over I’ll have her on the farm as a broodmare.  I had Tom Goff look at her before I made my offer – he had a few minor reservations but nothing that was a dealbreaker, and she passed the vet’s test with flying colours.  She won’t run again this year – next year we’ll be looking for a bit of group action.

Shepherd’s Warning runs tomorrow.  Nicky thinks in retrospect that she wasn’t as well as she could have been last time, but is back to her best now.  Whether her best is good enough remains to be seen.