Bouguer off

It’s a big day today as I find out how good Bouguereau is.  He’s been working very nicely at home, but is still immature in a number of ways.  There are three possible concerns about today’s race;

  • There may be better horses in the race
  • He has a bad draw
  • He’s a big baby and he may run in snatches and throw his chance away

Notwithstanding the above concerns I’m pretty bullish about our chances today.  He doesn’t have the talent that Winker does and he doesn’t have Winker’s very professional attitude to racing, but he does have an engine and that’s the main thing.  Finger’s crossed.

Earlier in the day I’ll be backing Fong’s Gazelle for a quick follow up.  Balthazaar’s Gift impressed me hugely last time, and although carrying top weight in the Stewards Cup is no easy task I think he may be up to it.  I’ll have a small bet on Nannina in the Nassau just to give me an interest, but with no great confidence.