Chapple-Hyam update

I had a long chat with Pete today – I really do need to find some time to go down and watch the horses work, as he is just beginning to wind them up.  I haven’t updated my horse list for a while – I own or part own six horses with Pete.  The are two 3yos – Winker Watson (as part of the Comic Strip Heroes) and Bouguereau (I own outright).  The 2yos are all unnamed, but there are three colts owned by the CSH and a filly (by Kyllachy) that I own outright. 

The filly means a lot to me as I paid a lot for her and I just love her.  She looks a peach and she has a lovely temperament – when I speak to Pete I’m afraid to ask how she’s working as I’m terrified he’ll tell me she’s no good.  She’s doing fine at the moment but it’s early days.  So…

Winker Watson : Go Winker go!  Pete is uncompromising.  Winker is as good if not better than at any time last year – he HAS trained on and he WILL get the mile.  Pete is an optimist, but it’s good to hear this stuff nevertheless.

Bouguereau : He’s grown a lot and he’s a big horse now.  Pete continues to believe that he will make up into a stakes horse although he’ll probably always be a little off top class.  His best days are ahead of him.

Bahamian Bounty colt : Despite being a May foal he is forward and could be out early.  Working nicely and looks a commercial sort.

Rock of Gibraltar colt : Very solid, very professional racehorse, and also likely to be early.  I like the sound of this one – no nonsense, easy to train and exceeding early expectation.

Fasliyev colt : On the easy list as he’s been through a growth spurt and is a little weak at the moment.

Kyllachy filly : Worked with the two colts yesterday and did it very nicely.  Pete said “I don’t know how good she is but from the way she does it she’s definitely a racehorse”.

 All very positive.