Clean pair of heels

One runner tonight – Parisian Gift goes in the second at Wolver.  He’s a very decent animal and if he was 100% he’d be a strong fancy.  Tom’s horses have not been at their best recently but he did have a winner the other day and they may be on the way back.

PG has had an annoying interrupted season so far.  He’s quite big and it takes a while to get him fit – we were ready to win last time when he got he bug that all of Tom’s had and that took us back to square one.  He’s in the sales next week and we haven’t had time to make the case for him – whatever he does today he should improve.  We think he’ll run well and he has definite win chances – he’ll probably run from the front.

In the Filly and Mare’s race in the Breeder’s Cup tonight I’ve heard very good things about Wait a While.  In the big one tomorrow night I’ll be weighing in on Raven’s Pass.  He’s made eye catching physical progress, and the Racing Post rated his last run 5lb better than anything else he’d achieved this year.  I think he’s progressed from good to great and he might show Curlin and the rest of them a clean pair of heels.