A new year dawns, and it’s going to be a very different one for me away from Betfair for the first time in over eight years.  I’m struggling to find things to do at the moment, which is very different from having loads to do but not doing it.

One thing I can do is concentrate on my new years resolution – to get my weight down to an acceptable level.  These days I only give myself one new year’s resolution – more than that and I’m sure to fail.  Two years ago I decided to lose weight – starting at 18st 10lb I slimmed down to 15st 10lb – a loss of three stone.  Last year I gave up smoking – a great success (just thinking about having a fag makes me feel ill now), but unfortunately my weight ballooned to where it is now – 18st 10lb.  Ho hum.

I intend to lose 3 1/2 stone this year.  I have a few things in my favour;

  • I’m told weight gained recently is easier to lose than long term fat.
  • In February I’m moving to a farm and I have a big dog.  I feel a few bracing walks coming on.
  • I’ve just gone down with gastroenteritis.

All in all I think I can manage it.  What I don’t want to happen is to lose the weight and start smoking again – it would be nice to try for something different next year.  I’ll publish my weight weekly on the blog, not because I imagine anyone other than me cares that much but to keep me focused.

I’ve got three intended runners on Saturday – Mon Michel at Sandown, Ours at Chepstow and Ollie Fliptrik at Lingfield.  I’m not sure that MM will like the ground and I don’t know a lot about OF at this stage – Ours will like the ground and might be the best of them.