Having a laugh

Jane and I had a fun evening out on Saturday when we went to the final of Britain’s got talent.  I had VIP seats (bought in a charity auction), which basically meant we were lumped in with the families of the contestants.

We arrived at the very small studio a short while before the start, and we were hustled in to a small dressing room area full of family and friends.  Many of them were wearing T-Shirts supporting their charges, and many had bags of sweets.  We were ushered through to our seats in what was a surprisingly small theatre.

The warm up guy come in and told us that we had to shout scream and cheer at any opportunity and had to look as if we were having the best time of our lives – he said anyone crossing their arms and looking miserable would be asked to leave.  I’m not a natural at leaping up and down screaming, but I had a go and Jane really got in to it screaming and hollering from start to finish.

We were stuck in our seats for a long time, and I got to understand why so many people brought sweets with them.  The judges were friendly in the breaks – their make up artists charged in like pit stop crew whenever they got the chance, the judges all had their little electric fans to keep them cool, Simon Cowell spent a lot of time on his Blackberry.  I thought the result was a bit odd and thought provoking.  We were going to stick around for the after show party, but we thought better of it.  All in all a good laugh.

Talking of having a laugh, I see Jim Bolger has left New Approach in the Derby.  First he wasn’t running, then he’d been left in as an oversight.  Now he’s probably going to run.  Well who’d have thought.  I’ve never met Jim Bolger, but he seems not to care too much for the man on the street – I hope someone somewhere shows the courage to have a little poke at him in the press.

Metcheck are currently expecting 70mm of rain in Epsom tonight – that is serious rainfall.  Good to soft on Saturday looks a rock solid bet now.

Shepherd’s Warning goes at Leicester this afternoon.  She’ll do ok, but is not a betting proposition in my view – maybe next time.  Pete has runners at Thirsk tonight.  Karoush should be a certainty but he is no price.  Saleima can also go well.  I like Balthazaars Gift at Windsor – he’s a frustrating type who rarely wins but it all looks right for him today and he gets the nap vote.