Here’s hoping

I’m slowly settling in to my new home life.  The diet isn’t going that well (lost another 1lb) as Jane wants to wait until we move before we go full tilt, but I’ve really stepped up my excercise at the gym.

One feature of life at home is the regular visits we get from one of the locals – he appeared again yesterday.  He seems to be a nice guy but he has an affliction and he carries a card explaining it all – Jane has befriended him.  He turns up on our doorstep regularly and rings frantically – when Jane answers he typically barks like a dog for a while and then sings the stars and strips loudly while Jane smiles and nods.  Strange.

I have a piece of a horse running today – Hope Road, who goes in the 1:10 at Warwick.  I’ve just got off the phone to Tom who is at the track – he says the ground is absolutely desperate.  Hope Road doesn’t mind it that way and he’s showing up well at home.  He’s the only jumper Tom trains, but he started out at Martin Pipe’s yard and he knows plenty about the jumping game.  I’d say he’s well worth an each way bet.

I’m still acquiring shares in Silverjet (not easy to buy) but I was alarmed to see Lawrence Hunt, the CEO, aggressively on the offensive in the Telegraph business section.  He said the the offending Daniel Stewart analyst was a “muppet” and that Ken Livingstone was a disgrace, and that neither would be welcome on Silverjet flights in future.  I have some sympathy with his views (about the analyst in particular) but IMO a CEO should never lose his cool like this, and should probably never use the word “muppet”.