Ho Hum

Max performed poorly, trailing in eleventh of fifteen 11 lengths behind Natagora.  It was a messy race and Natagora was a lucky winner in the end with a few hard luck stories in behind. 

Max was very tricky going down, and Richard had to dismount twice.  At one point she nearly took out Aiden O’Brien who brushed past her at an awkward time.  She went in ok but she broke badly, rearing up as the stalls opened, but she recovered from this.  It looked for a moment as if the field was going to come down the middle of the track, but Natagora tacked over to the rail and they all followed.  Richard pulled Max wide to challenge, and there was a moment when I thought we were in with a chance, but the challenge was short lived.  She wandered to the right and finished the race in the middle of the course.

I’m not sure how to read it.  Tom put a brave face on it and said it was her best run to date, but when the ratings are published I’m fairly sure it won’t be.  The run reminded me of her second race at Newbury when she saw too much daylight and lost her way, wandering all over the course and finishing third.  I think she lost her way again – she needs a tow and she didn’t get one.  She wasn’t helped by the fact that the field bunched up so tight.

No doubt I’ll chew on this for a while.  Meanwhile Bouguereau is getting close to his run in the Italian Derby (if he goes for it) – decision will be taken on Monday.  Maybe I’ll have more luck there.