Little do they know

The week begins and all my thoughts are with Max One Two Three.  I spoke to Mick earlier and he said he dreamt about her last night – I hope he didn’t cry out anything compromising.  I read a couple of write ups on the 1,000 this morning, neither of them mentioning Max.  “Little do they know” I thought.

Bouguereau is still on course for the Italian Derby, but it’s no certainty as getting there could be prohibitively expensive.  It’s too far to go down by box, and to fly him on his own would cost a staggering £40k.  Hopefully there will be others making the trip and we can share costs.

More immediately I have a couple of runners coming up.  Effingham runs tonight in the last at Windsor.  He doesn’t show much at home and he’s probably rather an average animal – he could be one of those that does it on the course but not on the gallops, but I won’t be backing him.  Skid Solo runs in a conditions race at Ascot on Wednesday, and it’s a chance for him to redeem himself.  I’m very happy to give him another chance.