Massive hole

I’m having a busy time of it at the moment with heavy schedules every day this week, and the blog’s fallen behind again.  It doesn’t help that my house is a building site, but we’re getting to the end of that.

Tifernati ran on Sunday, and ran a stinker.  Jamie felt that there was something seriously wrong with him – in his words “he has a massive hole in him”.  We took him away and the vet saw him a few days later – it seems he has a muscle problem in one of his back legs.   It isn’t a big deal but he will need rest and realistically he’ll miss out on the flat season.  Not the end of the world – we’ll just have to concentrate on the jumps.

Tuesday was a Swindon Town board meeting.  Halfway through I had a flurry of emails about Pansy Potter suggesting she hadn’t put it all in in her race.  Ryan Moore said that she’d missed the break and nothing worked out for him – the stewards looked into it and left alone.

I suspect Pansy is one to note – she’s no superstar but she has some speed and I think she’s good enough to win races.

Marine Boy‘s full sister runs tonight – Jeanie Johnston goes in the 6:50 at Haydock.  I had someone look at her before the Goffs sale, and she looked pretty decent – I was underbidder in the auction but allowed her to be bought back in for E45k.  She looked like a forward type – Marine Boy was outstanding first time up and there have been other One Cool Cat 2yos whose careers have got off to flying starts.  I think she’s worth a look.

Max One Two Three goes to Haydock tomorrow, and I’m hopeful that she’ll make amends for her fourth place two weeks ago.  She didn’t get going in time that day at Nottingham – the firm ground turned it into more of a sprint than it would otherwise have been and she’d barely got into top gear when the line came up.  The softer ground should help her tomorrow.