No Dice

Nothing from my three runners with varying degrees of satisfaction from the runs.

Nicky Nutjob ran reasonably well – he finished fourth having had a difficult passage.  He looks as if he’ll be better for further, although that won’t be available to him this year.  He’s entered in the sales and we’d normally just take what we get, but I’m questioning whether that would be a good move.  I suspect the sale will be weak this year with the banking malaise, and I think Nicky might make a quality hurdler one day.  He might be better value next year.

Bea Menace ran vaigly ok but it was nothing special.  The race may work out and she may turn out to be better on a firmer surface, but she didn’t do much to enhance her reputation today.  Bet Noir ran poorly – she got very het up beforehand and emptied quickly when the race got serious. 

I watched the US markets tonight as at first they collapsed and then staged a major rally into the close.  It might be with the benefit of hindsight but I thought it was a totally predictable late recovery.  One thing I know about markets – the pros win and the amateurs lose, and tonight was a classic example.  Panic from the small guy was driving the market down and down – it was a classic fear move.  The pros would have been watching and waiting for it to bottom out before falling over each other to pick up the cheap stuff, taking the candy from the investment babies.