Once more into the breach

It was a big day for Betfair yesterday, with an important high court ruling coming through from Australia.  The Western Australian government had introduced legislation that banned betting exchanges in WA and gave the racing authorities the right to decide who could and could not offer betting on WA racing.  Betfair had little choice but to challenge the ruling and take the government to court.

As we expected we won unanimously on both counts, and emphatically so (we were awarded costs).  It’s a relief but no more – it was a court case that should never have happened.  Maybe now we can move on.

From one court case to another, and I’m back in court today to appeal against my driving ban.  I will of course look very sad and contrite and tell the court that I’ve learnt my lessons and won’t do these terrible things again.  It’s showtime…

I was horrified to log on to the Racing Post site yesterday morning and see my mug on the splash page.  A picture like that could easily put someone off their breakfast (not that it would be a bad thing in my case) – I can only apologise.  I understand there is a piece on me in today’s paper – I haven’t read it yet.

One runner today – Kings Head goes at Newbury.  He’s on an incredibly low handicap mark now having had a series of setbacks and disappointments.  I think he’ll win again one day, but today may not be the day as the ground looks as if it’s gone against us again.