Over the moon

A good day yesterday with Lilac Moon winning in fine style.  In quality terms she’s not one of my leading lights, but she’s developed into a lovely looking horse and and I’m very fond of her.  She isn’t what I would consider broodmare quality, but I’m looking for a few cheaper mares to have on my stud in the early years, and the way she’s coming on now I could have her as one of those.

It’s a good team effort.  I thought Richard Kingscote rode a superb race – intelligent and assured.  He got her to the front with the minimum of fuss, slowed it a bit round the back and pushed on a little earlier than might have been expected.  Two cracks of the whip and hands and heels to the line – cool and well judged, and he came into the ring with the smile of a man who knows he’s got it right.

Nicky Vaughan has done a great job getting her right, and his stable is going along nicely now.  They have great facilities there – it’s Michael Owen’s place and they’ve spared no expense in getting it right.  Expect him to continue churning out winners despite the fact that he is working mostly with cheap horses at the moment (I’m sure this will change).

Lastly Mick should take a bow – he spotted the claim for me and he’s always taken a lot of interest in her.  He’s responsible for this placement.

I think she’ll win again this season.  She didn’t have a lot left in the tank at the end of the race, but it was a very hot day and it was a long trip down for her – she sweated up a lot before the race.  Her action was good again – I don’t think she was right last time.

It’s not looking good for King’s Head in the Old Newton’s Cup – the ground is on the soft side now and a lot of rain is forecast.  It’s good news for Bouguereau though – good to soft might be perfect for him.