Inalienable wrongs

A busy day yesterday.  I’m still trying to name my 2yos after my last name (Ming Ming, apparently too like minger) was rebuffed last time.  I decided I liked “Killer Queen” for my Kyllachy and I called Pete – he liked it.  I also told Tom Dascombe that I wanted to call my One Cool Cat colt “Marine Boy”.  I texted the names to Tom Goff.

A little later I was heading into London for the Capital Radio “help a London child” awards – I got to the venue to find about 50 photographers herded around the red carpet.  I felt a bit sheepish as I shuffled through, resisting the temptation to strike a dramatic pose.  It was a small venue but packed with celebs.  Jordan and Peter Andre were on the table next to mine – I felt humble in the presence of the two of them, and also Peter Andre.  Caprice, two of the Spice Girls, three of Girls Aloud, Gemma Atkinson and Denise Van Outen also sat in the near vicinity – I felt very vulnerable.  I left early and didn’t go back for the party.

I went to another business meeting and headed off home late – Tom Goff called me in the car.  He said it was my inalienable right to name my own horses and he respected that 100%, but I had not chosen well – Killer suggested death and Marine Boy had nothing to do with anything.  He had drawn up a small shortlist for each horse – Bond girls and TS Eliot cats – and he suggested I exercise my inalienable rights within his shortlists.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Back to square one then.  This morning I’m wondering if I need a theme for the two horses.  One possible theme would be Meatloaf songs – I could call them “Dead Minger” and “Cat out of Hell”.  I’ll see what Tom thinks.

I like to run my horses in alphabetical order, and this week I’m doing the ‘B’s.  Bouguereau is declared on Tuesday at Pontefract, and if he goes he really should win.  Big Paddy is declared on Sunday and Better Together on Monday, both at Plumpton.