George & Ned Diary Day 5

chantelle-fraser-002.jpgOur final day in betfair. After a long and extremely fascinating and enjoyable week we only had 1 day left the week seemed to go very fast.

We spent the morning of our final day polishing off and finalising our interviews and blog entries. Throughout the week we both found blogging an enjoyable experience, whilst learning about the significance of it and seeing the important role that it can play towards a company like betfair and any major company.

After completing the morning tasks, we got to sit in on a usability interrogation which we had learnt about earlier in the week. Seeing it live was very cool as some of the techniques were very modern and mind boggling High Tec was used.

Having found it a very interesting experience the first time round, it was great to see the advanced equipment in action as it played its beneficial role towards betfair.

We had our last session in the gaming room where Ned managed to beat George in a shock 2-1 defeat. We then watched Bert€™s horse at Wolverhampton which ran not as well as we expected but it was still exciting.

We would like to thank Bert and everyone who helped us understand exactly what Betfair was about; we had such an exciting week and enjoyed ourselves greatly. The people who worked in the office were extremely helpful and willing to explain to us exactly what they did and how they went about it. It was exceptionally kind of Bert to give us such a great opportunity and we are extremely appreciative for the great time he has given us. Everyone was enormously helpful.

Thankyou for the amazing week.

George and Ned.