George & Ned Diary Day 2


We began our second day at betfair with market research, in which we were given a task to help improve Betfairs€™ website.

We spent the following hour completing the task by comparing betfair with its twelve closest competitors. We put forward our ideas to see if our input led to any changes.

Our afternoon consisted of two meetings, the first of which was on usability testing. We met Kirsten Rawlings who is in charge of the project. She showed us the company€™s latest equipment, the technology was incredible. It included high Tec cameras, eye tracers and a one way mirror.

While sitting in the viewing facility, we learnt the basics of how the equipment worked and how it is used to improve Betfairs€™ website. The facility enabled the company to see how well and easily the company can be used.

We hope that later in the week we will get to sit in on an interrogation in the viewing the facility to see the equipment in action.

In the second meeting we learnt basic internet essentials with a computer genius, which included the importance of blogging. We learnt that blogging can play an important role for many websites.

We spent the rest of the day preparing for our task tomorrow€¦..