George & Ned Diary Day 4



Continuing from yesterday, we still had to do one final interview, which was the main task we were working on today.

We spent the morning typing up the interviews from yesterday. It was a difficult job having to listen to an interview repeatedly on a Dictaphone. After a long period of writing and typing, we had yet another top quality lunch, and then hit the gaming room for another competitive battle on pro evolution soccer 6.

Once again George showed his gaming authority over Ned, without a defeat, and dominating every game with a minimum score of 6 nil!

After our short €˜relaxation€™ session, we headed back down to the ground floor to continue with our final interrogation.

Having spent the morning working on the questions as well as typing up the previous interviews, we were able to commence with the final interview.

Our final interview was with Tony Clare. We learnt all about his history and how he came about to work at betfair after being a previous regular forum user. Ned showed keen interest in his work, eagerly trying to learn the best strategies for making money through the races when he’s 18.

The following hour was spent completing and then typing up the final interview, which was then followed by a talk with Andrew Riddell. Once again, Ned showed his keen interest and broad knowledge in the world of horse racing, while George remained quiet as it was all still very new to him.

We spent the rest of the day listening to Betfair radio. We got to sit in as presenters spoke live on air, but unfortunately were not able to get on ourselves. This was yet another very interesting experience we had while working in Betfair.

Another great day at Betfair, we eagerly look forward to our final day tomorrow€¦.