August, 2011

Not firing

A poor tipping performance on Saturday - I’m not quite firing at the moment. Maybe today will be better.
I’ve had a hard look at the 3:35 at Ripon - the sharp early turn on the mile course has played into the hands of low drawn front runners in the past. In the Great St. [...]

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Up and running

A big week just gone as my stud farm finally got moving after a three year wait. Paul Coombe started as stud manager last Friday and the first horses came down. Three more mares came down today, all in foal.
In total I now have nine mares, all in foal, in my biggest paddock [...]

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Good Luck

A long week. On Friday I went into hospital for an operation on my toe - it’s been crooked for my whole life but this year it’s irritated me more than ever, particularly when I climbed Kilimanjaro.
I now have a pin sticking out of my toe with a blue bead on the end of [...]

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